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Mistakes That Are Killing Your Instagram Growth in 2024

Doing well on Instagram is crucial for growth. But there are some mistakes that might be holding back your success. If you are making these fatal mistakes on instagram right now, it’s going to be the reason you fail to grow in 2024. But if you simply make the changes mentioned below, there’s an opportunity for you to skyrocket your growth because if you make the right content, it’s easier to grow on instagram right now than it has ever been. Let's look at mistakes you should avoid in order to grow on instagram:

1. Scheduling your posts

Scheduling your posts on Instagram can negatively impact your reach, and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, Instagram doesn't favour scheduled posts despite allowing users to do so for convenience. In reality, they deprioritize the reach of those posts. 

Secondly, it's crucial not to post on the hour, whether at 7 am, 7:30 am, or 7:15 am. This is a huge mistake. Shifting your posting time by a few minutes is advisable. Many people schedule posts during these times, leading to increased competition and, consequently, decreased reach. Posting at a different time can significantly boost the number of views you receive.

But that's not the only change you need to make.

2. Using the wrong hashtags and/or wrong strategies

You also need to change the way you are using hashtags, but more importantly, avoid using the wrong hashtags. There are three significant mistakes that are extremely common. 

First and foremost, you should not be using small hashtags. Don't create your own hashtags, and avoid using small hashtags because it won't help Instagram find the ideal audience for your content. 

Secondly, the only place you should be putting hashtags is at the end of your description. They shouldn't be in the beginning, they shouldn't be throughout the description, and they definitely shouldn't be in the comment section. When you do this, it actually hampers Instagram's ability to push out your content, and on top of that, you look unprofessional. 

The third thing you need to ensure when it comes to hashtags is that you are not using too many of them and you are not using too few of them.

3. Posting only when your audience is online

It's good to post when your followers are online, but only doing that might limit your growth. You shouldn’t post solely based on when your audience is online because that would be a huge mistake. The reason you're not growing quickly on Instagram like you see your competitors growing, is simply because you're not reaching non-followers. 

The reason you are not reaching non-followers is probably that you are posting only when your followers are online, so they see your content, and nobody else gets shown your content. The other mistake is posting at off-context times, for example, showing Christmas outfits after Christmas. Now the post is completely out of context, and that's going to be the reason for low reach. People are not interested in that content, and you don't get the average view duration that you need or the other metrics that you need, and it tanks your views.

4. Not using text at the start of reels

Many Instagram videos have text on the screen, and it's important. More than half of Instagram users scroll without sound. To grab their attention, make your content visually appealing. Add text at the beginning of your videos to keep users watching. Use attention-grabbing colors like black and white, red, or yellow and black. If you don't use these eye-catching colors, you might get fewer views.

5. Only posting reels

While Reels are popular on Instagram, only using them might limit your growth. Mix up your content by adding carousel posts with both photos and videos. Try starting with a meme or infographic, followed by a related video. This keeps your audience engaged and gives them variety.

6. Not Paying Attention to Important Metrics

What you focus on can really impact your Instagram growth. While likes and saves are important, comments play a big role too. Encourage discussions in the comments to get more views as people come back to your content. Shares are also crucial – content shared in direct messages gains a lot of attention.

Aim for 70% or more of those who like your content to also share it. Lastly, prioritize replays. Guide users to the comments or ask them to read the description to make sure your video keeps looping. Or make shorter content that encourages repeated views.

Succeeding on Instagram in 2024 means understanding the platform and being strategic with your content. By avoiding these common mistakes and making the suggested changes, you set yourself up for significant growth. Instagram's changing rules need you to be adaptable, so pay attention to what users like, try different content types, and watch your Instagram presence go up.

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