Collage Style

Collage was founded in late 2004, when luxury, fashion and style were just making small inroads into Chennai. Today, They are a multi faceted location, carefully curated to embrace wearable luxury, for an audience that looks beyond the more notable names.

As a brand, They choose to stand apart in our approach to clothing and are constantly re-interpreting the loosely used term ‘Indian’. For Collage, Indian wear does not translate to a soirée of saris and kurtas alone. Theur curation of garments and accessories equates Indian to rich fabrics, colours, the philosophy of our designers and their labels.

They bring to you discerning craftsmanship through various bespoke labels. The garments and designers they host, speak volumes on the tradition of handcrafted fashion, age old weaves, techniques and embroideries. They believe in the touch and feel of a garment. They believe in upholding the tradition of handcrafted fashion over the interests of a market that might be highly influenced by a westernised idea of Indian fashion.