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How to Use Google Trends For SEO?

Why should content writers get to have all the fun? 

As an SEO Agency or seo expert, you too can become a content forecaster from a marketing point of view!

Trends come and go. So much so that it can bring you to the top of the SEO ladder one day, and can conversely, land you at the bottom of the pile the very next day.

It’s all about how wisely (and often) you use the popular Google trends for research.

With trending patterns and search algorithms constantly evolving, taking charge of your SEO strategy is paramount. While keyword research will always be at the centre, understanding the exact "problems" people are searching for can be even more insightful. Look no further than Google Trends, a free tool that gives you a glimpse into the collective search psyche of the internet. In this blog post, we'll focus on the potential of Google Trends and how you can make better use of it.

Let's get started!


Basic Steps to Search on Google Trends

But wait. Before jumping into Google Trends’ role in Search Engine Optimization, here's a quick rundown on using Google Trends:

  1. Target: Head to Google Trends and enter your seed keyword (relevant to your niche).
  2. Refine: Use the filters for region, time frame, and search type (web, news, etc.) to get data.
  3. Analyze Trends: See if interest is rising or falling. Seasonal trends? Identify them!
  4. Find Related Terms: Explore "related topics" and "related queries" for high-interest variations.
  5. Content Goldmine:  Dig into content marketing or trending topics and other relatable terms.

Hot Take on Trending Topics

Did you know Google Trends was first launched in 2006? Shocking to know, right? Its recently updated version was released in March 2023, which gives a comprehensive guide. Google Trends offers a sneak peek into what's trending and helps you tailor your content (or narrow down your niche) to capitalise on booming search queries. Here's how:

  • Identify Breakout Keywords: Type in a broad seed keyword related to your niche.  Look for terms spiking in popularity with the "rising" filter. These "breakout keywords" present opportunities to create content before the competition starts a crazy overload.

  • A Closer Look on the Seasonal Waves: In some cases, the requests are predictable because the most popular searches vary depending on the time of the year. Google Trends shows you a graphical representation of search frequency and patterns on the scale of time units. Look for cyclical spikes, and plan content accordingly. 

Refine Your Keyword: Quality Over Quantity

While a vast keyword list might seem impressive to your client when managing their website, focusing on high-quality, relevant keywords is what truly works in any season. The idea is to target these keywords with pages on your site. In that case, Google Trends can help you out, you know how?

  • Have an Eye on Search Volume Trends: Sure, the ability to see a keyword's search volume over time is a fantastic feature of Google Trends. It's like having a crystal ball for keyword research, right? But there's more to the story.  Google Trends helps you identify these "rising stars" before the competition catches on.

  • Avoiding the Fad Trap: The second add-on lies in picking the right keywords that are losing steam. A recent study by SEMrush found that focusing on declining keywords can lead to a waste of time and energy. Google Trends acts as your guardian angel, helping you dodge these fads. This valuable insight shifts your focus towards more sustainable keywords with consistent search volume.

  • Understanding Search Intent: Beyond just keywords, Google Trends goes through the ‘why’ factor behind searches. From related queries to search volumes, this helps you go deeper with insights, which in turn addresses their needs.

  • Rediscovering Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are more specific and often have lower competition. Google Trends' related queries section helps you find these long-tail keywords that are perfect for attracting targeted traffic like a magnet.

Building Topic Clusters

Yes, the maturation of keywords is a good thing. However, a natural SEO strategy is all about doing justice to the actual site's structure. This is what we call 'traditional keyword research, but it stops here, and now Google Trends will allow you to dig deeper into the subject to finally build an effective topic. These clusters can be imagined as an intricate web of lines drifting around core themes. Each "web" in this text serves to outline the primary pillar page on your website, packed with detailed information. Branched out from the main hub, there are little subjects that have more on the main theme. Being structured in a web-like structure has few search engine benefits.

  • Quality User Experience: Users can easily navigate between related content, finding exactly what they need on your site. This not only improves user satisfaction but also keeps visitors engaged for longer.

  • Improved Search Engine Authority: By analysing expertise on a broad topic through well-connected content, your website signals strong relevance to search engines. This can lead to higher rankings for both your pillar pages and subtopics.

  • Strategic Keyword Targeting: Google Trends can guide you in creating a comprehensive list of relevant keywords for each subtopic within your cluster. This ensures your content targets a wider range of user queries, boosting overall search visibility.

SEO with a Global Perspective

You know what's the beauty of the internet in the 21st century? Its massive global reach. However, search trends can vary geographically. Google Trends allows you to:

  • Target Local Markets: By filtering searches based on location, you can target hyper-local trends and cater your content to specific regions. This is crucial if your business is locally driven.

  • Identify Global Opportunities: Looking to go beyond your reach? Use Google Trends to see if your niche holds a global dimension and set your goals accordingly. You can then localise your content for different regions.

Going Beyond Web Search

A multifaceted approach. Google Trends isn't limited to just web searches. Here's how to level it up for different content formats.

  • YouTube Video Optimization: Switch the search type to "YouTube Search" to see video-related trends. This can inform your YouTube content strategy and keyword targeting.

  • Image Optimization: Understanding image search trends can help you optimize your visuals. Look
    for hot trending topics and include relevant keywords in your image descriptions.

PRO Tips for Mastering Google Trends

  • Compare Keywords: Put two or more keywords against each other to see how their search interest stacks up. This helps you decide which keyword to prioritise for your content. If you only used a traditional keyword research tool, you wouldn’t see the trend. Just the raw search volume number.

  • Search Operators: Use the power of common search operators like "+" and "" to fine-tune your searches and get more specific results within Google Trends.

  • News Search: The "News Search" filter allows you to see what's trending in the news cycle. This can be a goldmine for creating “timely” content around current events to get more leads and views. 

But Google Trends data isn’t the sole factor in your SEO strategy.

To be noted.

Look at search volume metrics from other SEO tools alongside Google Trends to judge the best.

Identify trending topics, refine your keyword strategy, and tailor your content to searcher intent. With this, you're good to go on creating content that gels with your audience's mindset and climbs the search engine rankings.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start exploring Google Trends today and watch your SEO strategy get better than before. But that comes with expert-level guidance in the end.

At Brown Men Marketing, our full-fledged SEO team helps your business/brand grow, brick by B brick, with the best strategies and content that marks value and conversions.

Are you ready to see a change in your online visibility?

You can join us! 

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