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Is the New iPad Ad “Crush” Really Crushing...

Maybe, the soul of humanity?

Not really.

Let’s start from the beginning.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s X post on the “Crush” ad for the in-house-produced promo of iPad Pro has been viewed around 53 million times, acting as an agency to think beyond.

The ad captures the tidbits of what we as humans make use of, like musical instruments, paint cans, an ’80s arcade video game. It’s like a family coming together to have a feast. This video takes the hydraulic press to demolish those various means of creativity, aka the primary tools, one by one. 

As the metal slabs of the hydraulic press lift, BOOM!

Apple’s new iPad Pro is revealed.

This has sparked a firestorm of debate. 

From Hrithik Roshan stating the ad as “sad” and “ignorant” to common people crying over how destructive it is, this new iPad launch ad, in reality, is nothing but a raw conversation starter to go beyond the boundaries. Many have interpreted this as a heavy-handed message, suggesting technology stifles creativity. However, a closer look reveals a more nuanced perspective.

Here's why the "Crush" ad deserves a SECOND chance.

A Bold ‘Metaphor’ (Not Literal Destruction)

The initial shock value of crushing each piece into pieces is undeniable. But let's not get caught up in the literal. Apple isn't vocalizing its thoughts about the destruction of art forms. Instead, the ad uses a bold metaphor: the iPad Pro isn't replacing traditional creative tools; it's crushing limitations.

Think about it. 

Artists have long grappled with the constraints of their mediums. A painter is limited by canvas size, a musician by the number of instruments they can carry. The iPad Pro offers an undefined canvas, a seamless platform to integrate diverse creative workflows. It doesn't replace the joy of a paintbrush stroke or the resonance of a piano note; it motivates artists to step beyond those limitations.

The Power of Convergence

The ad shows a cluttered space – that is, the fragmented nature of traditional creative processes. Sculptors use clay. Photographers use film. Designers use evolving software like Adobe to make their visualisation process live. The iPad Pro aims to be that unifying force that brings all these together in one place. When a sculptor sketches an idea on the iPad, 3D printing is their creation. A photographer editing raw images on the fly, a designer crafting a website layout with the fluidity of a pencil sketch. This convergence is the heart of the "Crush" message - the iPad Pro isn't crushing creativity, it's crushing the barriers that often confine it.

A Celebration of Evolution

Art forms constantly change. 

From cave paintings to digital masterpieces, technology has always played a role in expressing different forms of art. 

The "Crush" ad can be seen as a nod to this good old evolution. 

Just as the invention of the paintbrush didn't underestimate the power of charcoal, the iPad Pro doesn't render traditional tools obsolete. It expands the artist's toolkit, allowing them to explore the ‘unexplored’ or yet-to-be-explored creative territories.

The Human Touch Remains

The ad cleverly avoids putting up any human interaction with the tools being crushed. This highlights the pure truth: technology is JUST a tool, and the artist is the artist. The iPad Pro paves a new path for creativity, but it doesn't replace the human touch. The inspiration, the emotion, the original perspective – that all stem from the artist. The iPad Pro simplifies their voice. Not even any AI tool can make it look the way the artist wants their art to be looked at.

A Spark for Conversation

Let's not forget the ad's ability to spark conversation. "Crush" has generated global discussion about the role of technology in art. This debate is crucial for artists to consider how they can leverage new tools while staying true to their artistic vision.

Apple's History of Taking Creativity a Step Ahead

Apple has a long history of redefining creativity to the next level. The 1984 Macintosh ad revolutionized the power of computers as the safeguard against the power of authoritarianism, their first iPod experimented with what had been the music industry created for so long, and the Final Cut Pro democratized the art and science of filmmaking. It's illogical to view the "Crush" ad as an art attack when Apple has consistently rendered creative fellows like us with tools that give a new perspective to what you’ve been working on.

A Look Forward OR A Look Backward?

It’s your call.

The "Crush" ad is a bold statement, but a positive one. It's not about crushing the past, but about accepting what lies in the future. It's a call to action for artists to explore the possibilities and go out of their comfort zone. In the hands of any artist, the iPad Pro can become not a tool of destruction, but a powerful medium to create groundbreaking creatives. 

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