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What is Programmatic SEO? How Does it Work?

It’s time to rethink how SEO works! 

As a potent user who browses search engines daily, you have probably noticed that if you go and search for “movies” on your search engine, 99% of the time all you get is NETFLIX, BookMyShow, or YouTube at the top of the search page. Why is this always the case? Any technical geek will answer this question in a snap–the power of SEO. 

In this competitive world where Google Ads rules the internet, organic growth is tough. To stand out from the others, the only strategy companies/businesses can use in order to grow is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With a bit of creativity and newness, the only ‘other’ solution to your issue can be programmatic SEO. Programmatic SEO techniques can give your website an abundance of views. Sounds too hard to believe, right? In this blog, we’ll jump into how programmatic SEO can become your all-in-one partner in growth.

What is Programmatic SEO?

The term "Programmatic SEO" refers to the automatic (or nearly automatic) creation of pages with targeted keywords on them. This technique allows your business to create thousands of website pages that are targeted for thousands of keywords without having to manually design, write, and publish them. Programmatic pages are primarily created from data in a database, like product prices, weather, or location information. 

What are the Top Benefits of Programmatic SEO?

SEO gives your website and business a good amount of traffic without paying for expensive Google Ads. Programmatic SEO is one of the key SEO strategies that comes with lots of benefits. Let's learn about them: 

  • Easily Scalable: If you run a website and want to bring traffic to it, you are creating a large number of pages with the same design but different content. This strategy won’t work for you and only takes away your time and energy. Instead, programmatic SEO allows you to quickly create 100s and even 1000s of SEO-worthy pages just from the data in a spreadsheet. It is a faster and easier option that brings you the traffic you desire.
  • Better User Experience: You can target lengthy and highly profitable keywords with programmatic SEO. The pages usually have a very clear Call to Action (CTA). Furthermore, the conversion rate in this case is far higher than when a user is directed to a page where they have to click once or twice to reach the "real" page.
  • Better Search Visibility: It’s very easy to understand that the more SEO-friendly your website is, the higher you’ll rank on the search engine result page, which will in turn attract more traffic to it. With programmatic SEO, the searching process for your users is easier and more flexible making your brand stand out no matter what niche your business has. 
  • Less Effort and More Leads: Let’s act smart here!

When you try to create 50 pages with the same design and different content, it will take you at least 2–3 days. On the other hand, with programmatic SEO, you can create thousands of pages with your data quickly. Because of the thousands of SEO-friendly pages that you have created, your website will have a high chance of visibility on the result pages, which ultimately brings you more leads than expected.

How Does Programmatic SEO Work?

Don't know where to start? Here’s your cheat sheet on how to begin with programmatic SEO: 

  • Find Trendy Keywords: Programmatic content will only work when you use the right keywords to create your pages. You need to do keyword research before choosing the correct keywords that will generate traffic for you and are relevant to your brand image.
  • Always Check the Search Intent: Search intent refers to the goal that the user has in mind when going to the search engine and starting his or her search; the search can be to learn more about a particular topic, find a certain website, or find an answer to something. So, you need to find ways to understand what type of content would help people search for these keywords.
  • Find the Relevant Data: The content on your pages plays an important role. The data updated on the programmatic SEO pages needs to be relevant for the audience searching for your keywords and to go one step ahead of others, you must add some new information that will attract more users.
  • Build Your Pages: With the help of a web developer or any SEO agency, your only task now is to implement the research and data you have with you and generate thousands of SEO-friendly pages for your website.
  • Publishing: The final step is to publish the created content and pages on your website and let the magic begin. These programmatic SEO pages will bring growth to your website with more user engagement.

Programmatic SEO is NO Rocket Science

There may be times when you do not get the results you want with programmatic SEO, and there is a high possibility that you will face a lot of difficulties while starting with this new technique. But, once you do it right, programmatic SEO has the power to do wonders for your website.

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